Managing Relationships with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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According to an article on, “A new era of CRM has emerged” One where businesses define the relationships that are most important to them and mold the application to their specific needs. Gone are the days of being force fed the cookie cutter sales, marketing and service aspects often found in "Front Office" CRM.  Now businesses can configure an application that works for them and without a degree in Computer Science.

This new era of CRM is focused on relationship management. Some in the industry call it "XRM" because the X factor can mean any relationship important for a business to manage information around. For example, an Insurance agency focused on providing employee benefit plans would need to manage the relationships between clients, quotes, policies, carriers, policy rates, producers and commissions. Now that businesses are able to configure a rich application in line with their own specific needs, the return on investment can be companywide and not just focused on specific department silos. 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM embodies the concept of XRM since it's ultimately a development platform with shrink wrapped CRM functionality for Sales, Service, Marketing and Analytics. But it's the platform which allows businesses to define their own X factor. In the case of Microsoft Dynamics, its platform allows for the seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook and the other Office applications, is accessible from the internet, can work offline in the same way Outlook works offline, and employs a powerful workflow engine. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the platform that businesses use as the foundation for configuring a relationship management solution with their X factors in mind. This is a game changer in the world of traditional CRM.

If you would like to keep your X factors in mind, please contact or call 877-801-ROCK [7625] and get a free trial of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The 20 years of experience we here at Rimrock Corporation can provide ensures that your implementation will be a success. Rimrock Corporation also offers a full line-up of Microsoft Dynamics classroom training suited to your needs and your schedule to help your staff maximize the power of the software solution.

Posted by Jonathan Taub, Rimrock Corporation , Toronto Ontario Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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