Determining True Customer Profitability

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In today’s tough economic climate businesses we work with are concerned about the true profitability of each customer. Determining the true (or net) profitability of a customer involves combining sales data with activity based data. We have built a module inside Microsoft CRM that will keep track of net customer profitability. This solution assigns costs to each activity type (inside sales call, customer service activity, RMA, credit card fees on an order, etc.) These costs can be set by activity type and can vary by employee. Each time an activity is logged against a customer in the CRM system the cost is calculated and added to the running net profitability. Each evening the system calculates true customer profitability using gross profit from orders and activity costing and displays the net profitability of each customer. Each evening all customer accounts are assigned a static rank (A, B, C, D) using net profitability. Workflow alerts can also keep your teams informed automatically as customer profitability changes. Find out more by visiting our web site:> or by calling us to schedule a demonstration - 800-796-4854

by Beringer Associates, a New Jersey Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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