Why Invest in Microsoft Dynamics CRM in a Down Economy?

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The past year and half has been a rollercoaster for many of us in the business world. So much uncertainty has caused us to stall our potential growth. Now, with that glimmer of hope that this economy is turning around, what should be your next steps in order to beat out the competition?

Forward-looking companies maintain their unwavering focus on investing in and optimizing existing assets through both good and bad times, coupled with a concerted effort to exploit operational efficiencies. A study by the McGraw-Hill Laboratory shows that companies who continued strategic spending during a recession outperformed non-spenders and experienced revenue growth of 275 percent during the first full year of recovery.

But what exactly does Microsoft Dynamics CRM enable and what are the potential benefits? While there are surely many approaches being adopted in the market today, we believe there are five main strategies that companies can employ to survive and thrive during uncertain economic conditions:

                1. Focus on existing customers

                2. Maximize revenue opportunities

                3. Do more with less

                4. Reduce operational costs

                5. Optimize existing IT assets 

Download this free white paper: “CRM, The Winning Strategy in a Challenging Economy”  to find out how Microsoft Dynamics CRM business software can provide you with the tools and capabilities you need to successfully achieve those five strategies and how to turn a down economy into an opportunity of growth.

If you are considering how CRM might help your organization, contact us for a look. Sherwood System’s emphasis on superior customer service and rare customer-centric approach set us apart from the masses. Discover more on our website, email info@sherwood.com or contact Ed at 602-943-9696 or edb@sherwood.com.

By Sherwood Systems, Arizona Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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