Top 6 Reasons To Like Dynamics CRM Online

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Cloud computer is all the rage in today’s software market.  It’s easy to understand why for when you use a hosted solution, your business does not have to worry about purchasing additional hardware or having to support it.  All database administrator functions are the job of Microsoft and not your business.  That said, you can do many wonderful things with CRM Online and Microsoft is even having a promotional offer until June 30th, 2010 that is the deal of a lifetime!!!   Contact us at InterDyn – CFO Consulting for details.

Bellow I have listed 6 reasons why CRM Online fulfills the promise of cloud computing ….

Top Six Reasons to Like Dynamics CRM Online

  1. Great up and running experience:   The process of getting up and running is flawless. In my opinion, most businesses will be able to sign up, add users, and be up and running in a day, without requiring dedicated IT staff or any previous CRM experience.
  2. Fast Installation Process:  This would be the alternative to the installation of the on premise version of Dynamics CRM.  The on-premise version is installed on your own servers, and must be installed on top of an already-solid platform consisting of Windows Server 2003 or 2008, SQL Server 2005 or 2008, the correct version of the .NET Framework, the latest hot fixes and security patches.  With the hosted solution, you don’t have to worry about any of this and you get up and running right away.  Contrast the on-premise installation process with the Dynamics CRM Online up and running experience: Choose a name for your organization. Pay for at least five users.  Add the users with the new user’s wizard. That’s it: nothing to install, Microsoft does the grunt work for you.
  3. No (unplanned) downtime.  Periodically users will be notified, well in advance of planned downtime for server maintenance or upgrades performed in the Big Data Center in the Cloud. It’s usually on a weekend night and it’s usually for about 4 hours.
  4.  No server maintenance:  Users don’t have to perform backups, install patches or hot fixes, do performance tuning, etc..  This is all done for you by Microsoft. 
  5. Two deployment options, one platform architecture:  Microsoft is nearly unique in having both an on-premise and an online option, and as far as I know entirely unique in having the same architecture for both options. What this means is that you can migrate data and customizations either way: from on-premise to online, or from online to on-premise.   So if you ever decide to purchase the on premise edition and own the software, you are all set!
  6. Immediate New Feature Upgrades:  If you’re running the on-premise version, you don’t get new features until the next product version ships. If you’re running online, you get new features every time Microsoft does a “service update”.   So if you’re running Dynamics CRM Online now, you’re getting a sneak preview of features the on-premise product won’t see until the new features for the on premise version of CRM come out. 

Convinced?  Give us a call at InterDyn - CFO Consulting and we will show you why Microsoft CRM Online is the best cloud CRM application for your business!
Posted by William Kreuder, InterDyn - CFO Consulting, an Orlando, FL. Microsofte Dynamics CRM Partner

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