Three Top Reasons Why Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Wins Over

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When you’re in the market to buy a CRM solution, a quick rundown of benefits is ideal in order to start on the right path of your search. Microsoft came out with a CRM Online Service Update in November of 2009 that provides customers with concrete examples of why you get more value for less money with Microsoft Dynamics CRM compared to We would like to highlight the main differences between the two products to help you compare and to make your buying decision an easier one:

  1. Storage Capacity - Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online has 5 GB of storage and only has 2 GB. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online offers additional storage at $119.88/year for 1GB of data/file storage compared to - $250.00/year for 1GB of data storage and $60.00/year for 1GB of file storage.
  2. Mobile Access - CRM Online offers Mobile Express for free, whereas Mobile Edition is an additional cost per user per month.
  3. Offline Access - Offline access allows users to be able to view relevant data from the CRM system when they are not connected to the Internet or corporate network. This can be invaluable to sales persons and executives who are often on the road. CRM Online offers many “offline” options

5 thoughts on “Three Top Reasons Why Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Wins Over”

  1. Shariq, Ed and Venkat,

    First of all - thank you for your comments. Yes - we are a Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner however we also use Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a customer. Prior to that we DID use as a user and know both products very well. In general I have 15 years of experience with CRM systems.

    To your comment 'about our Microsoft Dynamics CRM business having slowed down' - we have about a 250% growth on our Microsoft Dynamics CRM business. Many are customers that switched from - so that statement is inaccurate.

    By dint of having used both systems - I feel comfortable saying that Microsoft Dynamics CRM is superior in many ways to CRM 2011 introduces several new features and really takes leadership over

    The latest CRM Comparison white papers - point towards leadership of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. I'd encourage you to take a look - this is a link to a white paper by Forrester Research that compares the leading CRM packages. Microsoft Dynamics CRM ranks as a leader

    I do welcome your comments - I would just appreciate if you do not hit 'below the belt'. It's not necessary and doesn't add value to the conversation.

  2. Sandeep,

    Shariq is right. You do not have a clue about Salesorce CRM. I guess, you should study more facts before comparing CRM Systems that you have no clue about. Do not get me wrong here, I love Microsoft for all they do.

    I have been a power admin/developer for the last 5 years and certified, when I say I know about CRM, I mean it.

    The list you put up there does not match what I know and see in Salesforce CRM.

    - Salesforce has Campaigns and Leads that automates Marketing.

    - It also has an add-in (by the way, the new add-in that integrates to Outlook 2010 is much better than it was) that you can integrate with SF.

    - Offline client through a brief case and mobile configuration.

    - Territory management is available for free; just call support and ask them to enable it.

    - Products and Quotes; This clearly explains your lack of knowledge about Salesforce CRM as this is the heart of the Opportunity Sales processing in SF.

    - Orders and Invoices; SF has orders but not invoices. Through a custom object and there you have them.

    - Service Scheduling - Did you ever hear about Schedule processes that run in the Salesforce Cloud? I guess not.

    - Work flows - Workflows and Approvals are an integral part of SF for a long time.

    - Mobile support - They do have Mobile Applications that run on a variety of devices including the iPhone. Yes they did not have proper support for Windows mobile earlier which is an antiquated OS anyway (otherwise it would have not lost to iPhones and Androids today. I was a Windows Mobile developer and last year I switch to Android as MS dropped the ball on Windows Mobile. If the Windows Mobile 7 changes that field a bit, may be they consider it now).

    Well, now lets see if MS Dynamic CRM has something like Chatter. Probably not. Does it have an AppExchange like App store where you have thousands of app for free and a price (try it before you pay).

    Hope this teaches you some thing that you do not know.

    - V

  3. Every single reason is incorrect. This blog is run by a MSFT partner and marketing consultant who has skin in the game to drive as many prospects to MSFT. Most likely b/c he is seeing a drop in business due to losses to Salesforce.

  4. Sandeep,
    You need to increase your knowledge about CRM systems. Please do some research before writing such articles.

    Shariq Abbasi

  5. This post seems to have a couple of inaccurate bits of information. Mobile is free with salesforce BUT if you create any new apps within salesforce these will not show up unless you pay for the Salesforce mobile license. Territory management and quotes do exist in Salesforce but you need to ask Salesforce to switch them on. But to be honest the salesforce quotes is quite basic (you can only change the logo on the quote!) So I prefer MS dynamics in that respect.

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