Microsoft Dynamics CRM as Early Warning System: Improve Customer Service With the Social Networking Power of Dynamics CRM

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You’ve heard the stories.  An irate or unsatisfied customer tweets about their experience with a company or product.  The story is re-tweeted and more join in while the target company is oblivious to the conversation.  By the time they react, it usually sounds lame and insincere.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can serve as your early warning system for product and service issues to protect you from this scenario.  By monitoring the opinions and views of your customers, you can react quickly and even identify emerging opportunities so that you can implement a proactive strategy.  And best of all, you don’t have to assign someone to monitor Twitter every waking moment.

The Social Networking Accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics CRM proactively monitors social networks for key words, complaints, and issues relating to a brand.  You can track chronic complainers to identify top potential service issues.  By tracking influencers of a given topic or issue, you can spot trends to help you create services and products that meet changing expectations.

Make sure you don’t get blindsided by bad press or miss new opportunities with the Social Networking Accelerator for Dynamics CRM. Contact Steve Kane at 301-634-2404 or to find out how BroadPoint Technologies, the premier Dynamics CRM reseller in Virginia, can help you stay tuned in.

by Broadpoint, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner Virginia

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