Getting the Most Efficiency with Activities in CRM

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Dynamics CRM is a software tool that allows companies to implement their own specific Customer Relationship strategy as opposed to a strategy dictated by the software itself.  Similarly, the system provides extreme flexibility to users, allowing them to accomplish tasks many different ways.  This flexibility is desireable in a modern software package but it can also be a double edged-sword. Working on more than 40 implementations of Dynamics CRM at Affiliated, we have seen users utilize CRM in many different ways but have found that clients do not always know the most efficient way of using it to meet their particular needs. 

Here's an example of how Dynamics CRM provides great flexibility as it relates to Activity creation and tracking (Activities include Phone Calls, Email, Letters, Faxes etc.).  Read more about activity efficiency...

by Affiliated Resource Group, an Ohio Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner 

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