How To import Customer IDs From GP Into CRM Via Scribe

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I have found a great way to get the GP Customer ID to CRM via Scribe. Recently I had a client that needed to import the GP Customer ID into CRM. The customer ID would then be placed in a custom field in the CRM Account entity form called Account Number. Using the Scribe Workbench, you can use the CRM adapter for Scribe to do this. You first would have to connect to GP via the GP adapter in Scribe. Then select the CRM adapter as a source. Our client was creating new Accounts in CRM and then when they saved the account and marked it as a customer, the Scribe process would then call out to GP for the Customer ID. We set a condition in Scribe to look for Account duplicates in GP via the zip code. So if there was not a duplicate record in GP, the Account would be created in both GP (Customer) and the in CRM. Consequently, the Customer ID in GP would be sent to the Account number field in CRM. Pretty cool. You do have to configure your mapping correctly in the Scribe work bench in order for this to work so be sure to review the CRM and GP tables via the CRM and GP adapters for Scribe.  


  1. I would recommend that if you import the Customer ID to CRM, be sure to make the Account Number field READ ONLY so it can not be changed. 
  2. When you set up the integration for CRM and GP via the Scribe Workbench, only have it search for the Zip Code in GP in order to avoid duplicates in both CRM and GP.  NEVER have it search for an Account (Customer GP) name.  The WILL cause duplicates in GP  and CRM. 

William Kreuder - InterDyn CFO Consulting, a Florida Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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