CRM Impacting The Bottom Line

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CRM systems are considered tools, like paint and canvas, but they do not automatically come with the brilliance to create a work of art. That comes with skills that are developed and honed over time. And in the world of sales we call that - process.

In a study done by CSO Insights on Sales Performance Optimization, usage of core CRM systems continues to have a positive impact on the efficiency of salespeople, but the real key to impacting and improving revenues is to tie a CRM system to the overall sales process.

At Affiliated, we believe that core CRM gives you the foundation, but other capabilities need to be added to reach your organization's full sales performance potential. Mapping your CRM system to a sales process will likely help you achieve greater sales effectiveness and impact bottom line revenues.
To read an excerpt of this study, click here.

by Affiliated Resource Group, an Ohio Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner 

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