CRM At Work In The Real World #2

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Hi, Joe CRM here from PowerObjects.  I wanted to share with you another great CRM success story.  BOMAC Vets Plus, a leading animal-health products manufacturer, worked with PowerObjects on their initial implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to help manage their sales and marketing efforts more efficiently and effectively.  After having such great success with it, the company was looking to expand their business with a new online e-commerce site called and looked to PowerObjects to help integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM into that business.

Due to the versatile functionality and platform of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, PowerObjects was able to extend the CRM functionality to help automate and manage the entire e-commerce process including everything from purchasing, inventory and vendor management, accounting, shipping, customer service, and marketing. The implementation was a great success and has allowed them to grow their business and service a new market. Now this is pretty cool stuff!

Interested in learning more? Click here to read the full article.

Happy CRM’ing…  

By Joe CRM at PowerObjects, a leading Minnesota-based Microsoft Gold Certified partner providing Microsoft Dynamics CRM and xRM solutions.


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  1. Automating the entire e-commerce process? I love it! Can you please explain further? Is it something like automatically creating projects when your lead is marked as a sale? That’s the feature I love most about, saves me from lame tasks. I would like to hear more about this feature you mentioned.

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