Salespeople Buy-in – The Key to a Successful Microsoft Dynamics CRM Implementation

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By Earl Hunt, The Resource Group

When implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM in your organization, the real key to a successful implementation is the commitment to use the system from your Salespeople.  As it turns out, this is often the most difficult group to persuade.  Salespeople are independent by nature, and resist anything they view as administrative busy work, that doesn’t add value to their sales efforts.  I know this from personal experience, as one of the Account Executives at The Resource Group.

Even though it is easy to understand the overall organizational benefits of a Microsoft Dynamics CRM system for a Salesperson, the WIIFM or What’s In It For Me principal applies.  They need to see that the system will make them more effective and efficient at what they do, without adding a lot of extra effort.  In what ways then, does a Dynamics CRM system help a Salesperson to do their job?

Here are some ways that the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system has helped my sales efforts:

  • Meetings with my Sales Manager are more effective and less time consuming, because he is able to review all of the relevant information about my opportunities ahead of time.  We are able focus our time on the high priority or stalled opportunities.  The system easily identifies both of these categories.
  • The dreaded Pipeline Report – most Salespeople spend a substantial amount of time creating and updating a Pipeline Report for managers.  With Dynamics CRM, the Pipeline Report is created as a by-product of regularly updating the status of my sales opportunities.  Automated workflow helps to streamline the update process, and new opportunity records are easy to create.
  • I am better prepared for meetings with customers and prospects, because I have access to all prior interactions, including recent marketing campaigns and customer service issues. 

Get the Buy-In from your Salespeople – it’s the key to a successful Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation!

By  Earl L. Hunt, CPA Account Executive
The Resource Group – Seattle, Washington Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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