Free Features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM You Shouldn’t Forget About

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM has a rich feature set and reasonable pricing structure that has helped it become a leader in the Customer Relationship Management software market.  However, no product is perfect.  If you’ve been comparing CRM solutions and aren’t seeing the functionality you are looking for in Microsoft Dynamics CRM “out-of-the-box,” don’t write it off just yet!

Microsoft provides an ever growing list of “Accelerators” that enhance the functionality of Dynamics CRM and are available for download at no additional cost to Dynamics CRM 4.0 users.  There are currently 13 Accelerators that help streamline functions in every area of the solution: from sales, to marketing, to support and beyond. 

Click on any of the following Accelerators to see if they might fit your functional needs:

You can implement any of these Accelerators quickly and easily either during an initial implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM or anytime during your use of the system as your business needs change. 

Want some hands-on experience to see if Microsoft Dynamics CRM will meet your business requirements?  Try it Free for 30 Days!

By Socius, an Ohio Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software Partner

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