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Hi, Joe CRM here from PowerObjects. I wanted to share with you a great success story one of our clients, Nonin, a leading medical device manufacturer, had with their implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  It's a great example of how a growing company who invested in CRM technology really improved operational processes and sales efficiency and strengthened their position in the marketplace.  Here's a quick summary:


Nonin, a leading medical device manufacturer, needed a better way to keep up with growth, better manage customer relationships and their sales force. The sales teams were using multiple solutions to manage and track sales and customer information and interactions. They lacked consistency and had multiple data sources making it very difficult for sales teams to maintain and share accurate customer information, manage their sales process and pipelines, and view reports to make critical business decisions.

They chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM because of its seamless integration with other Microsoft applications, ease of use, and the expertise of leading Microsoft CRM partner, PowerObjects, to implement the solution.  The solution was implemented across the organization including the sales, marketing, and management teams.


  • Nonin now has a much more efficient sales organization with improved processes and greater visibility into sales pipelines.
  • CRM has allowed Nonin to process leads within 48 hours vs. weeks. Sales reps now have the ability to better qualify prospects and close deals faster.
  • CRM has allowed Nonin to ramp up their new sales teams much faster because it’s very easy-to-use and sales reps pick it up and start using it within the first week.
  • With sales reps located all over the world, the new CRM has greatly improved communication internally and has reduced the likelihood of sales reps duplicating efforts.

And, those are just the highlights! Interested in learning more? Check out the full story here.

Happy CRM'ing...

By Joe CRM at PowerObjects, a leading Minnesota-based Microsoft Gold Certified partner providing Microsoft Dynamics CRM and xRM solutions.


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