Be Prepared To Serve Your Members In Times Of Crisis With Dynamics CRM

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Membership organizations have the opportunity and responsibility to keep the lines of communication  with their members open through good times and bad.  The way you communicate with your members during a crisis – whether a snowstorm or an earthquake – can build stronger connections or leave your members feeling left out in the cold. 

Can you quickly identify and reach out to members that may be affected by a catastrophe?  Can you provide a conduit for members who want to help their fellows in need?  Can you monitor and support social media to participate in real time communication?

Dynamics CRM provides you with centralized information to support outreach to your members in times of trouble.  Leveraging full integration with web, social media, and financial management, you can provide the support that your members need in a crisis.

  • Quickly identify members that may be affected,
  • Communicate immediately with the resources that are available to help them,
  • Monitor and participate through social media such as Twitter and Facebook,
  • Rally unaffected members to aid their fellows and provide them with easy options to show their support.

Make sure your membership organization is prepared for crisis with Dynamics CRM. Contact Steve Kane at 301-634-2404 or to find out from BroadPoint Technologies, the premier Dynamics CRM reseller in Virginia, how to support your members.

by BroadPoint Technologies, a Virginia Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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