5 More Reasons to Use Microsoft CRM

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Here are 5 reasons to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

1. Targets your marketing campaigns so you’re always in touch with the right customers. Today, it’s more important than ever that customers know about special offers and new services a business offers. Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers a marketing automation module that simplifies the following tasks: Building customer and lead lists, developing marketing campaigns targeted at specific c customers, measuring the results of these campaigns, and developing follow-up marketing efforts.

2. Simplifies service scheduling to keep customers satisfied. One of the most challenging aspects of delivering great customer service is ensuring you never let customers down by missing a service call or appointment. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a centralized, all-in-one view of all customer service requests and service professional calendars. Dispatchers can quickly and easily match the right service personnel to a particular customer or type of service call.

3. Integrates with your existing systems to help break down information silos. Microsoft Dynamics CRM harnesses the power of Web services through the Microsoft .NET Framework. This latest generation of Microsoft technology enables businesses to connect isolated, legacy business systems and applications.

4. Enhances offline communications so everyone can be productive regardless of location. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is designed so your staff can be productive both in the office and on the road—even if they aren’t connected to a network. Information can be filtered so that people receive only the information they need such as meeting updates and sales figures.

5. Builds on the power of SQL Server Reporting Services to create insightful business reports. The SQL Server Reporting Services engine is a powerful analytical tool for business. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM embedded reporting engine integrates smoothly with Microsoft SQL Server to generate compelling data reports for business decision makers.

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by Interdyn CFO - Florida Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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