What’s In It For Me? 5 Reasons You Should Attend Convergence If You Are Considering Dynamics CRM

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Convergence (April 24-27th in Atlanta) is the premier Microsoft Dynamics event that brings customers, partners, team members and industry experts together.  So what does it have to offer someone like you, just looking at Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

To be honest, A LOT! 

Here are the top 5 reasons you should attend Convergence 2010:

1.  Learn how to get the most out of Microsoft Dynamics CRM before you implement it.

  • Through classroom and hands-on training, learn how to use the technical resources and support available to help you be nimble and responsive.
  • Understand how to empower your people to use functionality you would own out of the box, and talk about any concerns you may have with the technical support team that helped develop the solution.
  • Investigate additional Microsoft Dynamics functionality, plus third-party vendor solutions that could better position you for success.

2.  Connect with Microsoft Dynamics CRM users and product experts.

  • See firsthand how users in organizations like yours have optimized their CRM solutions to drive business success.
  • Consult with your Microsoft partner and Microsoft product experts about any questions that you have.
  • Network with current users to help you better understand how they use CRM and how you can best prepare for a successful implementation.

3.  Get up to date, thorough knowledge of Microsoft products and technologies.

  • Take advantage of 63 sessions dedicated to Microsoft Dynamics CRM – 17 of which are especially for an introductory level audience, like yourself. 
  • Participate in classroom training, hands-on labs, and panel discussions about every facet of Microsoft Dynamics CRM so that you can make the most highly informed decision about your CRM solution.

4.  Learn the Microsoft strategy from Microsoft executives and find out the future plans for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  • Understand the product development strategy so you can plan how to maintain and deploy our solution over time.
  • Attend executive keynote presentations to gain insight into Microsoft’s future direction and investments so you can align your business to take best advantage.

5.  Get to know your Microsoft partner (and enable them to get to know you) outside of the office.

  • Through one-on-one meetings, shared meal-times, volunteer opportunities, and evening receptions, you can establish a relationship with your Microsoft partner that will help them better understand and support your business needs and style.
  • Attend with InterDyn-Socius, and you’ll be welcome to join us at a special reception for all InterDyn clients on Monday evening where you can get to know Socius and our clients who use Microsoft Dynamics every day to accelerate their growth and profitability. 

By Socius, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner located in Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland, Ohio

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