What is Your Customer Retention Policy? Microsoft Dynamics CRM Can Be the Answer

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With all the talk about xRM and the almost unlimited things that today’s CRM systems can do, sometimes we can lose sight of how CRM software can help us with the basics – basic sales and marketing!  One of my favorite Microsoft speakers, Doug Adams, suggested a simple question that every company can ask to determine if they need a CRM system. Ask yourself, “What is my company's customer retention policy?”

In other words, what happens when a sales rep leaves our company? Do we have a process to smoothly transfer the customer accounts to a new sales rep? Will the new sales rep have a complete history of all interaction with that customer? If the answer is no, you should look into Microsoft Dynamics CRM for customer relationship management.

When it comes to accounting software, it is easy to track customer information.  You know all the invoices and payments related to a specific customer are in one place and it has been carefully updated and monitored.  Otherwise the business would not continue running.  Trouble is, a business can run smoothly for a while without a CRM system.  But the danger is lurking under the surface. Eventually  you will realize how much time is being wasted when information is not available, how many opportunities for sales are slipping through your fingers and how much damage is done when a customer is not serviced properly.

If you are a Connecticut company that is ready for a Microsoft Dynamics CRM system, perhaps linked to a top ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics GP, contact us at CAL Business Solutions. We will help you answer confidently when someone asks, “What is your customer retention policy.”

By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner and Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics CRM user

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