Want to Manage a Line of Business? There’s An “x” For That!

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM is currently going through a very exciting transition from being considered as a CRM application in the traditional sense of customer relationship management to embracing it as a flexible and scalable platform for relationship management of any kind.  The essence of this transition has been captured by a handy new acronym, xRM, or “anything” relationship management.

If, after having read the last paragraph, you are saying to yourself “What did that say?” you’re not alone.  Thanks to several years of hearing “CRM” as a hot-button keyword, the general public is now fully aware of what Customer Relationship Management is and how it works.  You may find yourself thinking that just when you have a good handle on what it’s all about, Microsoft went and changed it all again.

What’s most important to know is that the capability to mold Dynamics CRM into whatever your particular business needs dictate has always been there – but the realization of this flexibility is just now coming of age, and with very exciting results. 

Did you know that all of the following companies use Dynamics CRM for their unique business practices?

Spy Optic

Raymond James Financial

Government of Dubai

Cold Stone Creamery

How about such notable Sports Teams as the San Diego Padres, Portland Trailblazers, and Phoenix Suns?  Click on the link below to see how CRM has been embraced in the Professional Sports industry in ways that you may never have imagined:

Professional Sports Teams Montage

How can these business entities, across such a broad spectrum of industries, all find business value in Dynamics CRM?  The answer is xRM.

Make today the day you set aside time to learn how Dynamics CRM, and its xRM capabilities, are transforming business across a variety of industries.  If you have specific questions or just want to chat with someone about the application’s potential, FMT Consultants is always ready to take your call!

FMT Consultants is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for Dynamics CRM and GP located in Carlsbad, California.  Visit our website at http://www.fmtconsultants.com or on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/fmtconsultants

by Natasha Serrano of FMT Consultants, LLC, a California Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in Dynamics CRM and GP.

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