Provide Better And More Cost Effective Customer Service With eService Accelerator

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Time is money! This old axiom is well known in the business world and has always remained a core truth.  Every time one of your customer service representatives picks up the phone and says, “How may I help you,” money is spent.  It may be the 10 minutes on the phone collecting and documenting the issue(s) or answering simple questions or even documenting the answers for future use.  The net result is that every time the phone rings your company spends money.

How can a company limit the expense associated with providing customer service?  You must provide Customer Service to your customers to keep the money coming in, it’s the money going out that we want to try to limit.   A simple yet effective answer to this is to let the Customer share the cost of Customer Service.  To effectively accomplish this you can offer them a self-service web portal which allows for:

  • Easy entry of cases
  • Ability to instantly know the status of a case
  • Communication with support personnel
  • Searching and Scheduling available  service offerings
  • Searching a Knowledgebase of company articles
  • Updating contact information
  • Updating Account information
  • Custom Case escalation

Welcome to eService from Microsoft’s Accelerator repository.  The eService Accelerator is part of a free set of solutions that Microsoft has given to the Dynamics CRM community and can be download from  Find out how the Microsoft Dynamics CRM eService Accelerator tool can help by reading the full article:  Provide Better and More Cost Effective Customer Service with eService Accelerator

by Affiliated Resource Group, an Ohio Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner 

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