It Demoed Great! But what has your CRM software done for you lately?

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There is much ado these days about CRM.  I’ll bet you even have your “version” of this product installed.

I pose the question to you – What has your CRM done for you lately?

Bells and whistles are great and can make a system or product seems like the greatest thing since sliced bread, but if your users don’t use it or find that it makes their daily duties cumbersome; then is it really worth it?

When scouting for your optimal CRM solution, look for ease of use, user friendly screens, and ability to integrate with other systems, especially your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System.

Can your system be configured or customized (with ease) to serve as a robust product – ever changing like your business?  For example instead of just tracking customers and leads – can you use it to design and execute a marketing plan? Can you execute that plan right through our email?  Microsoft Dynamics CRM for example will seamlessly integrate into Microsoft Outlook; a lot of your users will not even know that they have it installed.  They simply think they are using their email system.

So what am I saying?  Bells and whistles can be found in most products these days.  You need to come to the table with your business in mind.  How do your people work best – what are they lacking – what would make your business shine?  Then and only then – look at the extras a CRM product can bring you.

Your best bet to help wade through all of the jargon and fluff out there is to find a solution provider.  One that can listen to you, provide solutions and benefits for you and that truly understands the power of CRM, like DFC Consultants, Fargo, ND.

Don’t get carried away with “flash” and don’t let a reseller lead you into the future without addressing your present.

by Sandi Meyer, Technical Consultant,  DFC Consultants, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner Fargo ND

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