Generate More Web-Leads With Dynamics CRM With Portal Integration Accelerator

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Nowadays, it is all about saving time and money.  As a marketer, the less time I spend on manual data entry the more time I have to focus on strategic marketing initiatives.  Microsoft’s Portal Integration Accelerator was designed to connect business information and customer interactions from Dynamics CRM to an organization’s web experience. 

 The default portal includes a form that you can use for prospective clients to fill out on your website (“contact me” form).  Once submitted, it automatically adds the information into CRM as a lead.  This will save your marketing, sales or interns A LOT of time.  It will also allow you to easily report on web-leads versus traditional marketing leads.

The Portal Integration Accelerator launched this past October along with the Social Networking Accelerator (see previous article: Tweet, Tweet, Tweet – Measure Social Networking with Dynamics CRM Accelerator) and Partner Relationship Management Accelerator.  All of these accelerators are FREE and downloadable for Dynamics CRM users. 

Interested in learning more?  Contact Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultants – SBS Group – today.

By: SBS Group – New Jersey Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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