CRM Success: How To Motivate The Sales Team To Use CRM

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The sales team is incorrigible!   What’s the use of implementing CRM for sales force automation if the sales team will never use it? 

Sound familiar?  Sales people are different - there’s no doubt about that - but they are compelled by the same basic human motivations that drive us all.  In our work lives, each one of us wants recognition of the contribution that we make to the organization.  So… how in the world does recognition relate to CRM? 

It’s all about reporting.  Many a sales person has started out with the best of intentions, entering every required field for every contact, prospect, and opportunity.  Weeks pass and the sales rep is feeling pretty good about himself – maybe even getting to like CRM.  Then the boss sends an email with a formatted Excel spreadsheet attached.  “List your top 10 deals for this quarter, total value and probability to close.  Need it in this format by Noon for the board meeting!”

Ask any salesperson and they will tell you it has happened to them.  All the work put into entering information isn’t recognized simply because the reporting was not set up to meet all the needs of organization. 

Reporting is the secret to CRM success.  Sales Managers should define reports and complete training to enable them to build the ad-hoc reports they need before any data is entered.  Consistent shared use of the information in CRM will reinforce the importance of the centralized data. 

With Dynamics CRM, dashboards can be built that will provide the information by product, by sales person, by region – however it makes sense for the organization.  When a sales person knows his boss will turn on her laptop each morning and see how many calls he made, or how much he added to the pipeline, or how many sales he made, he will be highly motivated to use CRM.  Recognition at work. 

Before the CRM implementation begins, define what reports your organization needs.  Determine how reporting will be distributed to ensure regular review and consistent feedback.  Recognize and reward the efforts that your team makes by tapping into the power of the information they put in CRM. 

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