CRM Software For Marketing: Because The Real Work Begins When The Tradeshow Ends

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While there is tremendous focus in the press on Web 2.0 marketing techniques, smart marketing managers continue to leverage the traditional methods of marketing to spread their message and make connections.  For business to business marketing, there is no replacement for the trade show which provides sales and marketing teams the opportunity to interact with prospects and clients face to face.  

At the end of the tradeshow, along with very sore feet, the marketer has a pile of business cards or a list of booth visitors worth its weight in gold.  And in addition to the leads, the marketer likely has a long list of activities to follow up including:

  • Collateral updates based on customer feedback and competition
  • Partner or reseller follow ups,
  • New product and solution ideas.

Dynamics CRM is the workhorse that will make sure you make the most of the time and money invested in the tradeshow.  You don’t need to wait for the IT team to import and code data for you. Dynamics CRM makes it easy for non-technical users to import contacts and manage them to meet your goals and timeframes.  With Dynamics CRM, you will be able to:

  • Import lead lists into CRM quickly with the import wizard that allows you to map data fields on the fly. 
  • Create quick campaigns based on the specific interests of your contacts to ensure prompt, appropriate follow up. 
  • Upload sales literature directly to CRM that will put the most current product and service collateral in the hands of the follow up team instantly.

No matter what your industry, from professional services to distribution, you can’t afford to waste any marketing efforts in these tough times.  Make the most of your tradeshow dollars with prompt, appropriate follow up to build pipeline and close deals. 

Find out how CRM can help make the most of your marketing efforts.  Contact Steve Kane at 301-634-2404 or for a no obligation consultation from BroadPoint, Virginia’s premier Dynamics CRM reseller.

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