Consultants Love The Microsoft Dynamics CRM User Interface (UI)

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Every time I ask one of our Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultants what they like best about Dynamics CRM, I get a different reply.  This is a good thing because it means that there’s a lot to love about Dynamics CRM

Of course, as consultants, their answers tend to be a bit on the technical side, but that’s Ok too.  So bottom line, when I asked that question today, the answer was:  We love the UI (by which, of course, they mean the User Interface). 

 The next question was naturally, what is it you like so much about the Microsoft Dynamics CRM UI?  Here’s what they said:

 - The ability to view “regarding” records from a single screen is awesome.  For example, if I am on the Account Record screen, I can click Cases on the left menu and see the Cases related to that account without leaving the Account window.

 -The UI is logically organized by module, but Dynamics CRM is also very customizable to suit your needs.  It is easy to find your way around in Dynamics CRM based on the module.

- You can specify where you want to start when you launch CRM.  For example, if I'm constantly scheduling appointments for people, I can have the service schedule load automatically when I launch Dynamics CRM.  If I were an inside sales rep, I could have CRM open to the “My Activities” screen so I could see the calls and activities I have scheduled for that day and plan my day accordingly. 

 - When a custom entity is created, a very important feature of Dynamics CRM is the ability to load custom icons to represent the custom entity.

 - The Dynamics CRM User Interface looks and acts like the Outlook interface! If you use Outlook, you’ll be totally comfortable in Dynamics CRM. 

 - The User Interface is consistent throughout the entire application.  This makes so much sense and yet it is not true for many other CRM applications.

Plenty of good reasons to appreciate Microsoft Dynamics CRM User Interface (UI) ! 

 By Justin Languirand, Altico Advisors, Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner serving Massachusetts (MA)

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