Increase Your Efficiency With The CRM 4.0 Notification Accelerator

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Alright, you have heard that on Microsoft has released many Accelerators for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. I have seen many posts saying that this Accelerator is easy to use and install and they are correct.  However, they all seem to miss the mark in telling you what this Accelerator is and how to use it.  There is always that assumption that you know what an RSS feed is and how you can use it to benefit your business.  This blog post is going to tell you HOW to use this Accelerator to INCREASE your effectiveness in your utilization of Microsoft CRM 4.0.

To gain the effectiveness and real value of the tool, we will cover the following:

Part 1:  What is RSS and how do I use an RSS?

Part 2:  How does the CRM Notification Accelerator work?

Part 3:  How can I leverage it to Increase my Effectiveness?

a.  Pull verse Push
      i.        Simplify Workflows
b.  Simple Feeds
c.  Advanced Find (It’s your friend)
      i.        Opportunities over 100K
      ii.       Accounts put on Credit Hold
      iii.      Cases in Escalation

Click here to read the full article how you can leverage the CRM Accelerator to increase your efficiency.

by Affiliated Resource Group, an Ohio Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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