CRM And Dashboards – A Winning Combination

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Although CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, it’s a bit of a misnomer because most CRM systems are multi-faceted and handle everything from Sales Force Automation (SFA) to marketing automation and service management.  All of which goes far beyond customer relationship management.

What’s more, since a CRM application like Microsoft Dynamics CRM can integrate with Dynamics GP - the back office ERP/Accounting system – and with SharePoint – for document management and much more – this ultimate integration of three applications translates into total accessibility of business critical data. 

Add dashboards into the equation and you have the best of all worlds.  By accessing data from CRM, individualized dashboards can be created to meet the needs of every end user.  Dashboards consolidate KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in dynamically updated graphical format – easy to read and easy to understand.  Reports don’t have to re-created and re-run every time you want to view a business indicator, say for example, sales by sales rep or by product line or by accounting period.  Just refresh the dashboard and the up-to-the-minute data appears (like magic).  What a concept! 

Here’s a link to view a random sample of executive, sales, and inventory dashboards.

Submitted by Altico Advisors, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner for Massachusetts (MA)

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