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I watched the Muppets singing “Bohemian Rhapsody” videos on Thanksgiving and How to Do E-mail Merge in CRM today.  The amount of information you can get with 2-8 minutes of your time is amazing.  Of course, it has to be well composed and on topic.  It helps if the person has a pleasant voice to listen to and makes me smile.

It is a great way to get your training, demo or marketing messages across and link back to your website with a minimum of time investment.  Here are some great items I found:

I used a great short introduction to XRM for CRM for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM demo I did via the web.  This video gives you some great ideas on how you can use CRM to store any data that is now in an Excel workbook or Access database.  You know you will use it for managing your sales process, marketing to your leads and keeping your service to your customers running smoothly.  What else can it do?

Microsoft has published an introduction to the GP CRM Adapteron You Tube as well.   In this video, you can get a feel for how the newly released Microsoft Dynamics GP 10 and CRM 4.0 Integration works and visit the urls shown on the screen for more information.  This tool is free and allows you to link the two systems together for fluid movement of data such as customers, inventory and orders between your CRM system and your GP system.

There are even sites were you can see customer testimonials about Microsoft CRM.  Find out how real users are using CRM to run their business.  You can even search by a user (like Microsoft Dynamics CRM) where you can see all the uploads from Microsoft in one place (and in nice 2 minute chunks).

Even get unbiased comparisons to other CRM systems like the top 5 reasons to switch from to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Check out You Tube for a great variety of CRM information.  But keep in mind, we will keep blogging here at and get more technical information on the Microsoft CRM blog.

By Mary Lenehan, Client Education Manager, at Crestwood Associates your  Chicago Area Microsoft Gold Certified Dynamics CRM Partner

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