CRM Can Help You Manage Your Sales Force Even In The Event Of An Employee Leaving The Company

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When you lay off or fire an employee, how do you handle the process?  How do you follow up with their customers?  Who will handle their service calls?  Will every customer’s needs be met or some neglected?  How do you avoid losing data if the employee maintains his customer records in his personal laptop?  Do you want to know how to avoid these pitfalls?  Learn how InterDyn Artis used Microsoft Dynamics CRM to successfully address these issues.

 Have you ever heard the famous Sales Trainer/Speaker Jeffrey Gitomer say that “you are in the business of capturing and keeping a customer?”  It is so true these days.  It’s easy to make that statement, but how do you execute that strategy each and every day?  I have always had trouble maintaining my customer records on a daily basis.  Who am I supposed to call today?  Who do I need to follow up with?  Where did I put that important email?  This can get really frustrating.

 How much harder do you think it can be to ask those same questions, although this time, you are attempting to answer those questions for an employee who is no longer with the company?  Where did that employee keep their files?  Who were they supposed to call next?  Where are we in the sales process with that particular prospect?

 So, what are you doing in order to capture and keep the customer?  I recommend Microsoft Dynamics CRM, in order to provide you with a 360 degree view of your prospects and customers.  This will allow you to provide stellar service at all times, which will help you avoid losing opportunities.

 I know what it is like because I have been there before.  As hard as I try to pick up the ball and run with things, it hardly happens without losing a sale from someone.  So my question to you is, how many prospects or opportunities are you missing each and every month?  I know, it’s scary.  But Microsoft Dynamic CRM can provide you with the drill down capabilities which will allow you to see the direct results of your Sales Consultants, with real time data.  Data is more valuable when you have access to the information during the sales cycle, versus at the end of the month.  CRM will provide you the information within seconds.  So there is no more waiting for your reports.

 I have used Microsoft Dynamics CRM for a while now,  and this has allowed me to track all of my results.  In addition, I can follow the progress of my teammates in order to improve efficiency.  Storing all of your data in one centralized location creates a much more efficient environment.  If your employee leaves, you can still manage the sales cycle or opportunity.  You can still service your customer creating a seamless process for everyone.

Can you imagine a world without Microsoft CRM? Contact us and see how you can live within the world of CRM.

By Rick Ferretti, InterDyn – Artis, a North Carolina Microsoft Dynamics partner

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