A Microsoft Dynamics CRM Business Fable

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The President of our company, Mr. Lee Sherwood (a very unique individual) shared one of his many interesting stories during a weekly staff meeting. The story goes like this: 

Business is like breakfast where employers are like pigs and employees are like chickens. Before you take offense, let me explain:  

The pig and the chicken go into breakfast (business) together.  The pig is bringing the ham and the chicken is bringing the eggs.  The pig is fully committed to this business venture because he brings the ham.  He/She has to make huge sacrifices to supply the ham for the breakfast (after all, it’s an integral part of the pig);  the chicken on the other hand, just has to lay the eggs and is free to fly away at any time.  

The employer is committed to the breakfast; the employees are involved.  Employees are not going to be pigs and the employer can’t be the chicken so what can you do?

 Crossbreed the pig and the chicken – and they become “chigs”.  What does that mean?  Get your employees more involved and get them thinking about what makes the business a success.  In an ideal world, they will be as committed to the success of the business as the owner is while retaining the benefits of being an employee.

 As I thought about how to get employees more committed to the business I thought of the customer as well.  How can all of us inspire our customers to become “chigs” in the sense of being committed and loyal to us?  We do this by taking care of our customers in an exceptional manner, of course.   And what tools can we provide for our employees to do just that?   How about a business solution that will store and bring to your fingertips all of your important customer information in a comprehensive view?

  • You want to know how much your customers order from you and how often so you can anticipate demand.
  • You want to know whether promotions and discounts will be enough incentive to persuade them to purchase more, or whether favorable payment terms are more important to them.
  • You want to know more about your customers and prospects than your competition does.
  •  You want a 360 degree view of your customers with access to deep segmentation based on sales and demographic information.

With business being as competitive as it is, especially times being as they are, get those chickens (and chigs!) to roost in the henhouse with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a full featured software solution that integrates with your other business applications as well as with your Microsoft Outlook.  Comprised of a powerful suite of sales, marketing, and service modules, it offers businesses of all sizes a quick, adaptable and very affordable solution for finding and growing profitable customer relationships.

 If you are considering a CRM implementation, contact us for a look at Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Sherwood Systems. Sherwood’s emphasis on superior customer service and our rare customer-centric approach set us apart from the masses. We encourage you to discover more via our website, info@sherwood.com or contact Ed at 602-943-9696 or edb@sherwood.com.

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