1-2-3...CRM Software Buyers Checklist

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With so many CRM software choices available….how do you know what to choose?  Here is a simple 1-2-3 checklist that gives you some guidelines when researching customer relationship management solutions.

1.       Determine your business requirements – needs, business model and functionality. Without sound business processes, a CRM system will only be a contact management system – managing client and prospect information.  A real CRM software solution automates marketing campaigns, sales pipelines and customer service centers.  The first step is to determine your business requirements and define your business processes.  How many business units and territories will you cover and what target markets will you cover?  What is your sales process and what sales representatives cover which territories?  When is a lead/prospect sales ready and how many marketing touches are needed?  Ensuring you have outlined your business needs with corporate goals and aligning them to your sales & marketing teams are essential in making a CRM software purchase. Define the point at which a lead leaves marketing and enters sales.  Define sales pipeline metrics and the workflow of marketing campaigns.  What type of infrastructure will support this system – will it be on-premise, hosted or online?  A business process assessment is the first step to any successful CRM software selection.

2.       Evaluate CRM Technology.  Depending on your business requirements and infrastructure needs, you can narrow down your CRM search.  I have listed a few websites below that are dedicated towards CRM software evaluation. 

  • Compare CRM – www.comparecrm.com – a listing of 200+ CRM software vendors including free CRM whitepapers and evaluation guides.
  • 2020Software – www.2020software.com – review and compare CRM solutions. Request free demos and compare features and functionality.
  • Technology Evaluation Center – www.technologyevaluation.com – Review CRM Software Evaluations & Comparisons with an intelligent evaluation tool.

 3.       Contact a CRM Consultant. After you have defined your requirements and narrowed your CRM software selections, it is time to contact an expert.  CRM consultants will guide you in the process of purchasing and implementing the CRM solution that best fits your business needs now and in the future. 

SBS Group is a New Jersey Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner with certified CRM consultants.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM is available online, on-premise and hosted to fit any and all of your business requirements.  If you are interested in discussing CRM software options or would like to schedule a business process assessment, please contact SBS Group here or email info@sbsgroupusa.com.  With six local offices, SBS provides both on-site and remote support to mid-market companies along the East Coast.

BY: SBS Group – New Jersey Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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