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Instant Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Quick Quote – Customer Engagement Plan

How much does Microsoft Dynamics 365 cost? To budget the total price of a Dynamics 365 CRM project, you need to know the license cost plus the estimated implementation and services costs. Fill in some brief information in the form below, and you will receive an instant, automated Dynamics 365 Quick Quote outlining license and estimated service costs for an entire CRM project.




Microsoft knows each project is different and that you only want to pay for what you need. First, select a base license for each Dynamics 365 user in your organization. Then, you can add Attach licenses on top of the base license. We offer plans for two types of users: Full or Additional. Full users are those that require the use of all the feature-rich business applications. These are typically people in sales, customer service, finance, or control and supply chain. Additional users are those who may review reports and enter time or expenses into the software but do not require full use of the suite. For more information on the different license levels, click here. We also allow you to choose either Full or Team Member licenses to best fit your group.

You should also consider which level of implementation support you will require. We offer 3 levels.

-Basic CRM: Includes business and functional requirements review, basic customization and configuration, basic data import, basic modification, basic workflow and dashboard set up, basic user and administration training.
-CRM Plus: Includes business and functional requirements review, plus additional customization and configuration, data import, modification, workflow and dashboard set up, user and administration training.
-Advanced CRM: For companies with detailed requirements, 3rd party integrations, complex data migrations. Includes all elements in CRM and CRM Plus and extensive customization work.

NOTE: Implementation estimates are for core CRM functionality including Sales and Customer Service. Field Service, Marketing and Project Service Automation implementation estimates are not included due to the level of project variables. Your Dynamics 365 partner will provide additional pricing.

For the form section:
Fill out the form below to receive an instant, free quote on the cost of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your organization. Start by thinking of each user in your organization that should get a Base license, then add to that which users should receive additional functionality. Each user should be added to just one Base category.

For example, in an organization of 90 people, you may have 30 people who require a Sales Base license, 20 who require a Customer Service Base license, and 40 who require the Field Service Base license, and none who require the Project Service Automation Base license. Enter the number of users in each relevant field.

You can then determine within those groups how many will need additional Attach licenses. Of the 30 Sales users, maybe 5 of them need Customer Service and Field Service, so you’d enter 5 in both fields. Repeat the considerations with the other licenses.

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