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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Quick Cost Estimate

Instant Microsoft Dynamics CRM Quick Quote

How much does Microsoft Dynamics CRM cost? To budget the total price of a Dynamics CRM project you need to know the license cost and maintenance fees plus the estimated implementation and services costs. Fill in some brief information in the form below and you will receive an instant, automated Dynamics CRM Quick Quote outlining software, maintenance and estimated services costs for an entire project. For either Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.



This Microsoft Dynamics CRM price quote wizard asks for your desired license and installation type. Then it asks you to choose a license model and installation type from a list like the one below:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online:
SAAS. You pay a monthly subscription fee per user for cloud based software hosted by Microsoft. The on-demand model has a five user minimum and includes maintenance fees in the cost of Dynamics CRM. The Online Microsoft Dynamics CRM price includes service, sales support and marketing functionality including email blasts and list tracking.

On Premise Microsoft Dynamics CRM:
You pay a one time fee to purchase a CRM server license and user licenses and have a Microsoft Certified Partner install the software on your own servers/hardware. Your company owns the software and pays for service an maintenance over time. The total cost of Microsoft CRM ownership for this option can often be lower for large implementations for 50 users or more.