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The New Dynamics CRM Phone App

If you use CRM for Tablets or you read the CRM Mobile Survival Guide, you are aware of the great functionality of the Tablet app: Modern design Almost full CRM functionality Support for JavaScript Support for embedded web resources (post CRM 2015) Business Rules Business Process Flow And if you use CRM on your smartphone, […]

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Dynamics CRM: Should You Use Business Process Flows?

I recently was asked a question by someone upgrading from CRM 2011 to CRM 2015 who wanted to know if they should implement business process flow or keep using the legacy sales stage field. The majority of our CRM 2013 and 2015 deployments use business process flows for process driven entities like opportunities and cases. […]

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5 Proven User Adoption Tips for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Without user adoption of a new technology, why invest in the first place? Marketers and business development managers have an obligation to stress, encourage – maybe even demand – user adoption best practices with the roll out of any new technology. Even if it’s just an upgrade, do your owners and CEO a favor: teach […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 – Display one or more Fields from one Entity Form on Another

Let’s say you want to show a few fields from one entity form on another. For example, your sales people would like to see the Relationship type of the parent Account, on a Contact form – a detail that saves the sales people the extra clicks of having to switch to the Account form to check. In CRM 2011, […]

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Form Social Panes and Posts in Dynamics CRM: Part 3

To wrap up our discussion on activity feed posts and their functionality, I’d like to share an idea that we have used with a client which is repeatable and I think useful in all environments. We all have a need for reminders. There are so many things that we have to accomplish on a day to […]

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Dynamics PDF – Convert CRM Reports to PDF & Attach to Email

Dynamics PDF How many steps are required to send price quotation as an email? With Dynamics PDF – One single click:   With Dynamics CRM – Five clicks: Run Report Generate Quote Report Save as PDF Create Email Activity Attach PDF to Email Dynamics PDF converts any CRM report to PDF with the following one […]

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6 Productivity Best Practices for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Office 365

Enhanced productivity is something that everyone, regardless of industry and company size, strives for on a daily basis. Many books have been written and training seminars developed to this end, and yet we are still left wanting more. What is becoming clearer each day that the best way to improve productivity is to empower each […]

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