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Keeping it Clean – Tips To Declutter Your CRM

It’s a New Year with a fresh start.  And a great time to de-clutter your CRM. CRM usually doesn’t make our lives easier.  It helps management collect relevant information about our “Customers,” the relationship we have with them, and with that data collection, make important business decisions.  You have all heard the saying, “You need […]

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CRM Software Blog Top 10 CRM Posts for 2016

The CRM Software Blog provided a wealth of Microsoft Dynamics CRM in 2016. See which posts were the most popular this year and congratulations to our top authors: Microsoft Dynamics CRM: SubGrid Control Functions by Beringer Associates Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 – Voice of the Customer Surveys by Beringer Associates   Free Download of CRM 2016 […]

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Word Document Templates that use FetchXML for Complex Data Retrieval

Dynamics CRM now allows you to create and persist Document Templates using Microsoft Word. We were intrigued by this functionality and began to explore it immediately, but discovered one shortcoming. The user interface in CRM forces you to select a single starting entity and only entities that have a direct relationship for the data. But […]

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Quels sont les avantages d’un outil de gestion de la relation client (CRM) Microsoft Dynamics personnalisé?

Une application CRM est utile en tant que telle puisqu’elle permet d’effectuer la gestion de vos clients et contacts, de votre processus de service à la clientèle et de vos campagnes marketing. Mais une fois personnalisée pour s’adapter à vos processus et les améliorer, votre solution CRM peut pousser votre entreprise encore plus loin: elle vous […]

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What are the Advantages of Customizing Your Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool?

A CRM application is useful in and of itself as it allows you to manage everything from your clients to your various contacts, not to mention help you handle your customer service process as well as marketing activities. But customized to fit and enhance your processes, your CRM will take your business to the next […]

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What Microsoft Dynamics 365 means for CRM pricing and competition

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a lot of insight into where Microsoft has been, as well as where it is going with both its ERP and CRM lines. A single business platform and common data model that simplifies IT and application integration has been a decades-old vision of Microsoft’s, and has come to fruition with the release of Microsoft […]

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How Will Dynamics 365 Effect Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customers?

You may have heard about Dynamics 365, which is the latest offering from Microsoft for small to midsize businesses. This new offering is taking the place of Dynamics CRM Online and customers will soon transition to the new platform. Some of the most asked questions about this transition are below. How will this transition effect […]

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What Does Dynamics 365 Mean for Dynamics CRM Users?

Microsoft is buzzing about their just-released, Azure-enabled, packaged business solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365.  As a Dynamics CRM User, there is a lot about Dynamics 365 that you should know – most importantly, how it affects you and your business. If you are CRM On-premises user: If you are current on your plan, nothing need change […]

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How to Gain a Competitive Advantage by Identifying, Attracting and Retaining Profitable Clients

Customer relationship management (CRM) is one of the most important phrases in the Banking and Financial Services industry (BFSI) – or at least it should be. In today's “financial” world these words should be linked with the following phrase: "Gain a competitive advantage by identifying, attracting and retaining profitable clients." Financial institutions today are still […]

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Comparison of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Full Users vs Team Member Users

If you want to save money, it is important to understand the license types available in the new Microsoft Dynamics 365. The primary licensing model is a subscription by named user. (There are also device licenses, which is the topic for another post). The two license types we will discuss in Microsoft Dynamics 365 are […]

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