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Clone Pro- Clone Records with Workflow! (Recurring Cloning)

With Clone pro,  users can set up what to clone including the cloning of related entities, like products, when cloning invoice. Now you can clone with Workflow! Consider the need to create recurring invoices or recurring orders once every moth. With Dynamics Clone, you can automate this process using workflow. Here is an example to […]

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Help Your Sales Reps Make 100 Customer Calls Per Day with Dynamics CRM

Is it unreasonable to expect a good sales rep to make 80-100 phone calls a day? With so much of sales discussions dealing with the topic of “inbound”, you might guess that the opportunities presented by call centers and outbound sales in general are a thing of the past. Not so. Many industries, for example […]

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Accounting + Microsoft Dynamics CRM

When it comes to small businesses, many employ a few tools to help manage their day-to-day operations. The typical small business uses a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, not realizing that running two system is both 1) costly and 2) inefficient. Step into the future with us . […]

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Questions to Ask Before Implementing the Marketing Module in Dynamics CRM

Once your organization has entered all of its accounts and contacts into Dynamics CRM, it is time to leverage the capabilities of this system to learn more about the buying habits of your clients and prospects to ensure that your CRM application doesn’t just become a fancy rolodex. The marketing module has a variety of […]

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Install Customer Portal for Dynamics CRM – in Minutes!

When deciding on which Customer Portal for Dynamics CRM best suits your business, naturally you select the one that is easy to install and connect to your CRM Server, which is the one that allows you to evaluate the portal in the environment in which you work; and how easy it is to customize the […]

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Microsoft Envision 2016 Recap

After more than a decade of exhibiting at Microsoft Convergence, we were on the fence about having a booth at Envision this year. We downsized our booth, our team attendance, and our expectations. We went from a gold sponsorship and two separate booths to highlight our distinct Microsoft Dynamics GP solutions from our Microsoft Dynamics CRM […]

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Solving the Nightmare of Commission Calculation for Benefit Brokers with Dynamics CRM

Insurance agencies know that commission calculations can be a nightmare. Especially if a broker discovers they were done incorrectly. Employee benefit brokers work with multiple insurance carriers and each of them pays commissions. The agency takes a cut and the producer, or broker, gets a cut. Each of the commission allocations are different based on […]

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Automate Your Quotes And Estimates

Completing all the research, calculations, and paperwork for quotes, jobs, and estimates can be overwhelming. Getting it done quickly and accurately to ensure profitability can be an ongoing source of stress. If you are rushed and not equipped with the right information, mistakes will happen and things  will likely fall through the cracks. With an […]

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The Benefits of CRM Integrated versus Stand Alone Project Management Software – Part 2

In part one of this post we talked about the limitations of a simple CRM system as well as a dedicated stand-alone project management system for managing project delivery. Now let’s share the good news about the advantage of an integrated solution. Advantages of integrated Project Management solutions How well any Project Management (PM) software […]

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The Benefits of CRM Integrated versus Stand Alone Project Management Software – Part 1

The truth is, CRM systems are limited when it comes to managing sales-related deliverables. Customer relationship management (CRM) software systems are invaluable at doing what the name suggests: managing an organization’s relationship with its customers from the time they become leads to when they make their first purchase to after-sales follow-up and nurturing future sales […]

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