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How I Get My Team to Enter Project Time DAILY in Dynamics CRM

I admit that I am the “time police”. It is part of my process and a necessary evil. Even when you make it as simple for them as possible, consultants still don’t like to enter their time. As a manager, I explain to them that I understand this, but it still needs to happen. It […]

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Microsoft Common Data Model and Flow and PowerApps…Oh My!

I had a bit of time recently to investigate some of the new and not-so-new technologies coming out of the Redmond campus and things look quite interesting.   Microsoft Common Data Model (CDM) The first piece of the puzzle is something called the Common Data Model or CDM. Surprisingly enough, Microsoft actually chose a nice […]

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Dynamics Docs- Create Complex Reports and Documents Using Microsoft Word

Dynamics Docs provides Dynamics CRM users, who are familiar with Microsoft Word, to create documents with fields from CRM records inserted in paragraphs and tables in a Word document. Dynamics Docs template can be designed for any CRM Entity. Users can easily create templates for invoice, quote, order, opportunity or any customized entity.  Fields inserted […]

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Quelques questions à se poser avant d’implanter le module de service de Dynamics CRM

Le service à la clientèle est un élément essentiel de toute entreprise, puisque les clients s’attendent à avoir des réponses rapides à leurs questions. Microsoft Dynamics CRM a élargi son offre avec de nouveaux outils de gestion et de planification du service à la clientèle pour justement vous permettre de dépasser les attentes de vos […]

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The Hidden Truth about CRM Data Import Files

There is no denying that when working with importable data in CRM, data integrity is of the highest importance. Microsoft has gone a long way to help make importable templates much more manageable and safe for end users.  They have added a number of user friendly measures, such as tool tips that tell you the […]

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Using Workflow Alerts to Manage Projects in Dynamics CRM

How do you alert a team member that a project task has been assigned to them? Are you still sending email? Did you know this can be done automatically when you manage your projects in Microsoft Dynamics CRM? When we do a Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation it requires that we work together as team to […]

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Questions to Ask before Implementing the Service Module in Dynamics CRM

Customer service is an essential piece to any business. Customers want prompt answers to their questions, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM has added even more customer service management and scheduling tools to their offering to ensure that you can go above and beyond your customers’ expectations. By using the service module with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you […]

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Project Management Tip: Our Secret to Running Successful Dynamics CRM Implementations

I believe it was Socrates who said, “Employ your time in improving yourself.” Truthfully, we should look for ways to improve not only ourselves but also our processes. At our company this means looking for ways to improve the way we deliver Microsoft Dynamics CRM projects to our clients. Every project is managed using our […]

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