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CRM Workflow: Email CRM Report as PDF Attachment

There are two ways to Email a CRM report as a PDF attachment, depending whether the CRM is online or on premise CRM On-Premise Using Dynamics Workflow you can schedule how and when the workflow will create a new Email message, and attach it to the Email  report in PDF format, using SQL Server Reporting […]

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Six Customer Portal Benefits for Microsoft Dynamics Customers

Meet YOUR customer demand with quick responses to problems/cases/orders More and more people expect immediate responses from businesses. They want to have access to account/product information, anytime, anywhere. It's the culture we live in. We are all accustomed to immediate gratification. If your business fails to provide ready-access information, your customers will leave for one that does. […]

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What to Think About Before Going Live With Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Implementation

One of the biggest hurdles when implementing a CRM system is user adoption. Your company has invested a significant amount of time and money to acquire a CRM system, and it is now up to the CRM project and executive teams to ensure that this change is viewed in a positive light and that the […]

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Worldwide Partner Conference 2015 Recap

Wow, what a great experience! I just got back from Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) that was held in Orlando, Florida. Although I have attended Microsoft events as a Microsoft Employee, this was my first event since being hired with Rockton Software. I have to say, I was very excited to be there and came […]

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CRM Project Rescue: 3 Ways to Turn it Around… Fast!

52% of all CRM projects fail. Want to know how to rescue them?  Keep reading. The most basic question to ask is which projects need to be rescued. Does your project suffer from any of these issues? Late Over budget Struggling to deliver the expected benefits (ROI) Poor adoption If you said yes to one […]

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Create QuickBooks Customers from Dynamics CRM Accounts

Dynamics CRM gives you the ability to track customer interactions, but the trail ends when customer information leaves Dynamics CRM and enters your accounting and ERP systems. Getting customer history into CRM can fuel your marketing lists and campaigns with quality leads. However, to access customer financial information in CRM often requires manually rekeying the […]

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Email “Unpaid Invoice Reminder” with Dynamics CRM Workflow

Part of 360-degree customer view in any CRM system is the custome'r invoices and whether they are paid on time.  Dynamics Objects integrates between Dynamics CRM and ERP / Accounting software, and when a new invoice is raised or a customer’s payment is allocated to unpaid invoices, the Invoice record in CRM is updated and […]

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Keep CRM Contact Lists Clean with Excel Automation

Dynamics CRM automates many aspects of list management; for example, when opportunities are closed and marked as "won", Dynamics CRM can automatically update accounts from prospects to customers. Additionally, Dynamic marketing lists can automatically update. For example, when your business development team closes accounts, Dynamics CRM will automatically remove the contacts and companies from your […]

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