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Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Free Trial and Free Software Upgrade

Dynamics Objects add-ons to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, come with free lifetime software upgrades and lifetime Email support. If you are new to our solutions and you wish to test them for free or you are an existing client wishing to upgrade the solution to the latest version, just download the latest trial version from our website, […]

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Quelques questions à se poser avant d’implanter le module de marketing de Dynamics CRM

Une fois que tous les comptes et contacts de votre organisation ont été entrés dans Dynamics CRM, il est temps de tirer profit de ce système et d’en apprendre plus sur les habitudes de consommation de vos clients et prospects, et ainsi éviter que votre application CRM ne se réduise qu’à un carnet d’adresses de […]

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Quelques questions à se poser avant d’implanter le module de ventes de Dynamics CRM

Le module de ventes est généralement l’un des premiers modules à être implanté puisque les comptes et les clients sont au cœur des affaires de toute compagnie. Comme plusieurs départements reposent sur l’information client, il y aura beaucoup de demandes et d’exigences provenant des différents secteurs de l’entreprise. Voici quelques questions que vous devriez vous […]

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How Microsoft Partners Can Use Checklists to Manage Implementation Projects in Dynamics CRM

Are you consistently following the same methodology for every software implementation project? Does everyone in your company, including new hires, know the exact steps to follow? When steps are missed, do you know where the process failed? We have found that using templates and checklists within Dynamics CRM, using the AbleBridge Project Management add on, […]

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Top 5 Activities To-Do in Toronto during the Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC)

We cannot wait to be in Toronto this year for Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC). It’s going to be an amazing platform for ISVs and Partners to connect while learning about Microsoft’s road map.   We’ve compiled a list of things to do while you aren’t working! Check out these five activities:   Steam Whistle […]

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Compare Excel vs MS Project vs Dynamics CRM – Pros, Cons and Costs for Project Management

When it comes to project management software, you have choices. Being in the business of providing solutions for project management, we have recommendations. Here are the pros and cons of some of the first choices as well as our take on what is the most effective. Microsoft Excel Pros: It is free; most people have […]

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Why Employee Benefits Brokers Must Move Toward a Consumer Centric Model

To stay competitive, employee benefits brokers need to reinvent themselves. Employee benefits brokers traditionally worked with employers and basically presented proposals with prices from different insurance carriers (like Fallon, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Tufts, etc...) based on the health plan the company needed. They were the middle man. And it was easy money. The broker […]

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Clone Pro- Clone Records with Workflow! (Recurring Cloning)

With Clone pro,  users can set up what to clone including the cloning of related entities, like products, when cloning invoice. Now you can clone with Workflow! Consider the need to create recurring invoices or recurring orders once every moth. With Dynamics Clone, you can automate this process using workflow. Here is an example to […]

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Help Your Sales Reps Make 100 Customer Calls Per Day with Dynamics CRM

Is it unreasonable to expect a good sales rep to make 80-100 phone calls a day? With so much of sales discussions dealing with the topic of “inbound”, you might guess that the opportunities presented by call centers and outbound sales in general are a thing of the past. Not so. Many industries, for example […]

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Accounting + Microsoft Dynamics CRM

When it comes to small businesses, many employ a few tools to help manage their day-to-day operations. The typical small business uses a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, not realizing that running two system is both 1) costly and 2) inefficient. Step into the future with us . […]

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