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New Feature – Tracking emails on the go is easier with Outlook iOS Updates

To celebrate the second anniversary of the release of Outlook Mobile for iOS Microsoft updated the app with and added a slew of new features including the ability  to activate integrations with several other services, including Evernote, GIPHY, Trello, and Smartsheet. However for CRM users, the most interesting is a full featured integration with Dynamics […]

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Email vs Excel vs MS Project vs CRM – What is the Best Project Management Tool?

A company does not just decide one day to start using a project management system. If you are a services based company, you have always been managing projects. And you have always had some kind of system in place, even at a most basic level. But at some point you will realize the limitations of […]

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Putting Service into Tribal Member Management

Providing high quality service to tribal members is a key priority for nearly all tribal governments.  When we think about high quality service, our first thought often goes to the types of services offered.    But in the modern digital age where we can get quick responses to questions, requests, and other customer service offerings, tribes […]

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Dynamics 365 – Mobile Controls Part 1: Numeric Fields

Here at Beringer, we strive to stay ahead of the curve on new developments with the Microsoft Dynamics platform. In this fast-paced technical climate, it is crucial to stay knowledgeable about upcoming changes in tech. As CRM transitions to the new Dynamics 365 platform, there are plenty of new features to keep us busy. Today, […]

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Microsoft Dynamics 365: What You Need to Know

Advances in technology have businesses rethinking how to better respond to marketplace trends, engage customers and automate business processes to improve productivity. Today’s business management solutions are agile, flexible and look nothing like past systems. One standout system has unified enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management, customer engagement and a specialized line of business […]

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CRM Optimization: 4 New Ways To Increase The Value Of The Inside Sales Team

In this last of my series on CRM optimization and the evolving needs of our clients, recall that I began by writing about the shift in focus and expectations regarding CRM systems. It is amazing to see the changes an organization undergoes when they stop seeing their CRM as an administrative tool, and begin to […]

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Decluttering your CRM – Keeping it Clean part 2

Slowly Move the Old Out After discussions with your end users, you may want to slowly move some of the under-utilized fields out of CRM. Here are some suggestions for doing that in your deployment: Remove unused and unnecessary fields from forms, views and charts in CRM You will want to do this to ensure […]

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Email “Statement of Account” with Dynamics CRM Workflow

Statement of account is a list that a company sends to customers of the money that the customers have paid for goods or services and remind the customers for the money that they still owe. In the out of box CRM, invoices and payments can be managed with the Invoice entity. We also offer integration services […]

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5 software development mistakes that spell failure

Assumptions, omitted details and misalignment are some of the most common factors contributing to failed software development projects. In this article we look at some of the most common mistakes made during software development projects. When it comes to software development and implementation, going back to basics, following the rules and sticking to the scope […]

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Microsoft Releases Light CRM Tool for Outlook

In early November Microsoft released Outlook Customer Manager, a light CRM solution for Outlook. It is available to customers who subscribe to Office 365 Business Premium initially. The primary record types include Companies, Contacts, Deals and Activities. Deals are sales opportunities allowing you to track potential revenue.     A key capability of Outlook Customer […]

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