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How to Track Emails Like a Pro with Dynamics 365

Email is the primary and preferred way to communicate for many people. Whether it is your internal team members, your "customers", or industry partners, most people communicated via email. The messages you exchanged often contain valuable information that you want to record in your CRM/xRM system. Fortunately, there are multiple options for tracking emails messages in your […]

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Do You Really Need CRM to Grow Your Business?

  Many companies don’t appreciate the value of a CRM system until they understand its pivotal role in closing more sales. CRM’s virtues are not always apparent unless one is intimate with the ins and outs of how business gets done in the organization. The most fundamental requirement for growing a business is having sound […]

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Microsoft Dynamics 365: How Much Will It Cost?

Don’t you find it ironic that the one piece of information you really need is often the one that is the hardest to come across? If you’ve been investigating CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, you’ve been able to compare features, platforms and applications, but the one thing you are still wondering about is cost. Will […]

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The Cost of Doing Nothing vs Harnessing the Power of Dynamics 365

Goals.  We all have them.  Whether officially defined or not, there is something we are striving to achieve.  The problem is that we often just don’t have time to spend on the activities that can lead us to achieve those goals.  In my decade of working with tribal governments and tribal enterprises, I hear story […]

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Integrate CRM and ERP the Better, Simpler, Code-lite and Codeless Way

A requirement to integrate customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems is common here at BKD, and the conversation rarely starts with technology. The reasons vary, but most often the end goals are to break down silos of data, enable collaboration, automate workflows and unify the business from end to end. Integrating […]

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Building Up Your Customer Value with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Relationship building with current and new clientele is one of the fundamental stepping stones in creating a successful business. Salespeople have been at the forefront of this task in the past, but as the competition continues to rise it is key your industry is on top of these important relationships. There is no real method […]

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Simple Project Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Have you noticed the trend toward simplicity? Everyone is busy and employees may wear many hats. There are an abundance of tools that are supposed to make our work day easier, but sometimes the tools themselves can complicate our lives. You just need something to get the job done. So you can move on. In […]

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Who wants to get on the FastTrack with Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft just announced the public preview of FastTrack for Dynamics 365.  This is an opportunity for customers and their partners to engage directly with Microsoft’s engineering team to accelerate deployments, improve time-to-value and ensure a smooth transition to Dynamics 365.   Here are a few Questions and Answers about the program: Q. What are the […]

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CRM Adoption 2017 Survey

CRM Adoption 2017 There is no denying CRM solutions are a substantial investment for the average company. As CRM software development begins to focus more on the user experience, adoption rates have increased dramatically. As well, cloud technology has taken CRM, what was once considered an enterprise solution, and leveled the playing field to make […]

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An Inside Look at Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

With the vast amount of content on the web today (like this blog), buyers are more educated and further through the buying process than ever before. How do businesses and specifically sales maximize efficiency and effectiveness? Even though salespeople are under tremendous pressure to win deals faster, sales reps spend more than 67% of their […]

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