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Overcome 3 Challenges Faced by Professional Services Firms with a Specific CRM Solution

The flexibility of a CRM solution such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows you to turn it into the heart of your organization’s operations. You can then use it as the entryway from which all your activities can be completed. It can also integrate a solution specifically designed for your industry, allowing you to complete all […]

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Why Microsoft is a Leader in Sales Force Automation– Forrester Report

Microsoft Shifts the Focus to Customer Engagement for SFA   Microsoft has invested heavily in cloud-based solutions and the results are paying off.  Forrester has released a new report that details Microsoft's ascent to the coveted "Strong Leader/Strong Strategies" (the holy grail!) quadrant for Sales Force Automation.  Microsoft's Dynamics 365 for Sales and Marketing, along with […]

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How to Get the most out of your CRM Investment

 MS Dynamics 365 for Sales vs Salesforce Learn more about Dynamics 365 for Sales features It's a big misunderstanding that if you just buy and implement a CRM system, it will immediately boost your revenue. Getting a CRM system on board, is just the tip of an iceberg. Below are three tips on how to […]

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Dynamics 365 User Interface Refresh

In this article, we are going to take a glance at the user experience refresh coming in the July 2017 release of Dynamics 365.   Dynamics CRM 2013 introduced a redesigned User Experience including simplified navigation, flat user interface and a new form model with an optimized layout. While the updated User Experience provided an […]

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Want to improve CRM integration with SharePoint?

SharePoint and Dynamics CRM are excellent products from Microsoft. Is your organization utilizing the CRM and SharePoint integration at satisfying level of efficiency and productivity? As the developers of Dynamics SPO and Dynamics PDF-Docs, for limited period of time only, we are offering free online meeting to discuss with you, on how to improve CRM […]

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Productivity platform? It’s not enough!

Simply put, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a business productivity platform where everything crucial to developing, improving, and retaining your customer relationships is stored.*  That is why Microsoft offers tailored solutions for sales, marketing, and customer service. While the technology is great, it does not guarantee success. Having a solid team of contributors, and streamlined internal […]

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How 9 CRM Experts Define Digital Transformation

Digital transformation happens when up-to-date technology is applied to your best business practices. The sum is greater than the parts in that you’ll realize the ROI and potential of your technology while making your business processes more efficient and effective. It’s a win-win for you. Think of all the advancements and changes that have come […]

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4 reasons small businesses need to immediately adopt CRM

Small business owners have a lot on their plate. Each day they're constantly managing everything from client accounts and lead generation to sales and production. And, if they don't have a financial professional on board, these owners may even handle all of the financial work. To grow their companies, owners really should look to streamline […]

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Is your data ready for Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Data Validation If you’ve been tasked with integrating data, then you know there are a wide variety of challenges that you must overcome. Every time I’m asked to programmatically import large data sets from a flat file like a CSV or Excel sheet, I think about how Forest Gump would react. If he was a […]

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Where is Delete Step in CRM Workflow ?

Have you noticed, no Delete Record step is available in CRM Workflow? You can Create, Update & Assign, but no delete function. Sometimes, records are created temporarily and then need to be deleted immediately thereafter or within set period of time, after they are created. Download this FREE workflow solution with delete function, found in […]

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