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About Microsoft Dynamics 365

Why You Should Review Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Dashboards Daily

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (previously Dynamics CRM) dashboards are a powerful tool for any business to have: they allow you to visualize your data in various ways to best meet your specific needs and uncover new insights into your operations and business. Dynamics 365 puts both predefined and customizable dashboards at your disposal for you to […]

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Construction Companies Benefit from Dynamics 365 CRM

With today’s tough economic conditions, construction companies are finding it increasingly difficult to win projects and keep up with the competition. Unless they adopt better software tools to manage their sales process they’ll continue to struggle. CRM software uses cutting-edge technology to standardize your sales process and give you valuable insight into all aspects of […]

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Tribal Platforms™ powers Tribal Enrollment with Microsoft Dynamics 365

What is Tribal Enrollment?  It is a process tribes use to establish membership criteria based on customs, traditions, language and tribal blood.  Enrollment criteria is defined by tribal constitutions or ordinances.  The criteria for membership varies from tribe to tribe. Individuals can apply for membership to a specific tribe based on research completed to prove […]

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Extend customer relationships with Award-winning Microsoft Dynamics 365

CRM solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 provide a single source of information for communicating with consumers. Each person who makes contact with a business should know he or she won't have to repeat previous steps in the relationship or receive different information from each company department. Microsoft Dynamics 365’s CRM components provide the single source […]

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Is Your Salesteam Keeping an Eye on the Competition? They Should!

While we all understand and use the core sales entities (Lead, Account, Contact and Opportunity) in Dynamics 365 CRM, one of the more underappreciated entities that can be a valuable piece of data is Competitors. The competitor entity is used to store information about the companies that you regularly find your organization selling against. Let's […]

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3 Simple Strategies for Successful Customer Engagement

  Volumes have been written about customer engagement, which is an increasingly vital part of boosting sales, increasing membership, and satisfying both customers and prospects. While successful customer engagement requires a multi-level strategy, it doesn’t have to be complex... just thoughtful and complete. At its essence, customer engagement can be described as sharing a pertinent […]

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5 Ways Dynamics 365 for Sales is Empowers Engagement

At its core, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales is all about empowering sellers and it accomplishes this in five unique ways. Insight that Drives Action First and foremost, it provides actionable insight. Actionable insight is created thanks to the in-depth amount of data the software is able to capture and analyze. Through unique analyses, insight […]

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Top 10 Fabulous New Features of Microsoft Dynamics 365: Deep Dive Series, Part 2

Yes! Microsoft Dynamics 365 has been officially launched, and this is great news for CRM enthusiasts. Microsoft’s new cloud-based offering, which combines Dynamics CRM and Dynamics AX, is chock full of new, fully integrated features and tools for sales, marketing and operations to enhance your productivity. In the first part of our Deep Dive series, […]

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How to personalize your Dynamics 365 CRM Home Page

When you start your day, and you open Dynamics 365 CRM what is the first thing that you want to see? Is it a list of your open leads? the Phone calls that you need to make? Or how about a dashboard showing what opportunities were closed by your sales team in the past 24 […]

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 supports CRM and data-driven marketing

There are many ways to judge the success of a marketing campaign, but Microsoft Dynamics 365’s CRM components help businesses follow the metrics they prefer. A large number of businesses will measure the effectiveness of advertising against increased sales. Modern CRM solutions offer organizations opportunities to measure factors that were once thought of as intangible, […]

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