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Document Generation and Processing for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365

Manage Documents across CRM and SharePoint platforms Most organizations want to present a corporate image when they communicate externally, so that all their communications are instantly recognized. The most common documents are quotes, orders, invoices, and service contracts. These documents are designed with Microsoft Word, and Emailed as PDF attachment to the clients. How to […]

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The days of expensive, complex CRM implementations are coming to an end

I have been helping businesses implement Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions for almost 20 years. I began in the days where "Sales Force Automation (SFA)" was the buzz-term and market leaders were GoldMine & Act. While a lot has changed in the CRM space over the years history repeats itself and that is happenning in […]

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Visualize your Dynamics Data

Visualize your Dynamics Data How many years of data have you collected in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 system? If you include data imported from legacy CRM systems, it’s not uncommon to hear responses ranging from 10 to 20 years of data.   Is that data JUST lying around and eating up storage space?  Do you feel […]

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What you need to know about updating to the latest version of Dynamics 365 for Outlook Client

Our organization received its update to Dynamics 365 in February and we are still exploring all of the new features available to us - Editable Grids, Business Process Flow Enhancements, and Learning Path. But what about one of the most reliable tools = the Dynamics 365 for Outlook Client? Have there been any major changes […]

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Upload CRM Word Templates to SharePoint or attach to Email

With Microsoft CRM Word Templates, CRM users can create impressive documents with fields from CRM records and related entities, inserted into the document. Dynamics PDF-Docs is an essential tool for CRM users that in one click of a button can PDF the Word Document or upload the document, in Word or PDF format, to SharePoint. […]

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How Much Will Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cost?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly Microsoft Dynamics CRM) is the latest iteration of CRM software from Microsoft and is built to enhance your entire office system. Other posts will extol the virtues of Dynamics 365, and you may already be aware of some of them. But what you may be wondering is: What will it cost […]

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Connectez-vous à Microsoft Dynamics 365 plus facilement que jamais avec les nouvelles licences Team Member

Microsoft Dynamics 365 est maintenant plus accessible que jamais. Auparavant, le coût des licences limitait l’utilisation du CRM aux ressources en ayant absolument besoin pour effectuer leurs tâches, même si d’autres auraient pu en bénéficier pour améliorer leur productivité et faciliter leurs activités. Maintenant, une nouvelle option de licence appelée Team Member permet à un […]

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Connect to Microsoft Dynamics 365 More Easily than Ever With Team Member Licenses

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is now more accessible than ever. Previously, the cost of licenses often restricted access to the CRM to resources who absolutely need it to perform their tasks, even though others may have benefited from having access to its data and tools to improve their productivity and facilitate their activities. Thanks to a […]

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The Value of CRM Mapping for Sales Professionals

Here’s the beauty of integrating Dynamics 365 for Sales with a CRM mapping application: raw CRM data comes alive on an interactive map so you can quickly visualize what would have taken hours to analyze in a spreadsheet. What value does this have for sales reps? It helps them see exactly where their best customers […]

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The Real Power Behind Digital Transformation

AKA Enterprise Solutions recently hosted two live events, which featured deep dives into Digital Transformation (DX). Why is so much time and effort being devoted to this topic? Because DX is a topic that’s trending now, and Microsoft is leading the charge with the release of Microsoft Dynamics 365. From the First to the Fourth […]

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