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About Microsoft Dynamics 365

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM components address common customer service concerns

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM components addresses many of the customer service issues that have a major impact on businesses. While most transactions might go smoothly,  customers who have issues trying to resolve concerns or acquire additional information from businesses can be left with a negative impression. That sort of deficiency leads to long-term problems with […]

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Quicktip – Keyboard Shortcuts for Editable Grids

 Editable Grids are probably the single most exciting feature of Microsoft Dynamics 365. To longtime users like us, the ability to edit information on the fly without having to open each line will increase productivity. This list of keyboard shortcuts designed to make your users even more efficient came from the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Center Guide. […]

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 versus an Unnamed Competitor – More for Less

I can’t give you a specific name. That could land me in a lot of trouble. So let’s just call it a “typical enterprise competitor”. How does the price of Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly Dynamics CRM) compare to the price of this “typical enterprise competitor”? Microsoft knew that you would ask this question. At a […]

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Looking Back At Microsoft Dynamics & CRM in 2016

Wow! What an amazing year of change and growth in the world of Microsoft Dynamics and CRM. Here is our pick of the most significant events in 2016 from our view in the UK. CRM 2016 Back in January, early adopters were deploying Microsoft Dynamics 2016. Some of the notable updates in this latest version included: New mobile […]

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Can your business benefit from Microsoft Dynamics 365?

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM? Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a CRM (customer relationship management) tool that successful companies use to manage and analyze customer interactions and data. CRM is the fastest growing segment of business software today. The goal of a CRM is to improve business relationships with customers, help business to improve customer service, and drive sales. To read […]

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Dynamics 365 – it’s not just for the sales team

When a company implements a CRM system such as Dynamics CRM, the first users are usually the sales team. This is logical as historically, CRM systems have focused on helping salespeople to track their leads and opportunities, and give sales managers better insight into the performance of the sales team. But with more modern CRM […]

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Event Review of eXtremeCRM 2016 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365 Partners

  As a Microsoft Dynamics Partner, which events will you attend next year? There are events that you can attend with your customers and others that are just for you. The key is determining what makes each event unique, and how this aligns with your goals. Since 2010, eXtremeCRM has been the only event exclusively […]

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Get to Know Dynamics 365 for Project Services

Microsoft Dynamics 365 boasts an assortment of features and benefits for Project Service Automation. Once the software is implemented, you will notice great improvement in productivity, which leads to enhancements in both customer satisfaction and overall profitability. There are three primary benefits gained when using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation, which are the: […]

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Quels sont les avantages d’un outil de gestion de la relation client (CRM) Microsoft Dynamics personnalisé?

Une application CRM est utile en tant que telle puisqu’elle permet d’effectuer la gestion de vos clients et contacts, de votre processus de service à la clientèle et de vos campagnes marketing. Mais une fois personnalisée pour s’adapter à vos processus et les améliorer, votre solution CRM peut pousser votre entreprise encore plus loin: elle vous […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM license mapping to Dynamics 365

Hi everyone.  I wanted to showcase and display for you how your Dynamics CRM licenses will alter when you transition to Dynamics 365, and how the licenses map across each product.  For CRM users new to Dynamics 365 check out our previous blogs which will help position the direction Microsoft is taking CRM.   If […]

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