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The Real Power Behind Digital Transformation

AKA Enterprise Solutions recently hosted two live events, which featured deep dives into Digital Transformation (DX). Why is so much time and effort being devoted to this topic? Because DX is a topic that’s trending now, and Microsoft is leading the charge with the release of Microsoft Dynamics 365. From the First to the Fourth […]

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Microsoft Announces Integration Plans with LinkedIn

We've previously discussed Microsoft's $26B purchase of LinkedIn and speculated how it might integrate with Dynamics 365. Now it appears that some of that speculation is coming true as Microsoft has revealed its first two tools to take advantage of LinkedIn data and Dynamics 365. These tools, available in July 2017, will challenge Microsoft's competitors […]

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If You’re App-y and You Know It, Clap Your Hands

Come one, come all! It’s the newest show in town! There’s sure to be something for everyone, a smorgasbord of enticing apps to pique your interest, with free trials to boot!   I know what you’re thinking… and no, the digital circus isn’t pulling into a website near you. I’m actually referring to the Microsoft […]

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Can you survive without PDF-Docs?

Most organizations want to present a corporate image when they communicate externally, so that all their communications are instantly recognized. The most common documents are quotes, orders, invoices, and service agreements. These documents are designed with Microsoft Word, and Emailed as PDF attachment to clients. With Dynamics Docs and Dynamics PDF-Docs, CRM users can create […]

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Should You Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365? Here’s What You Need to Know

With the merger of ERP and CRM systems, we have seen technology make significant moves utilizing an app-centric model. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the pinnacle of high-functioning technology required for businesses to succeed with the user-friendly and highly customizable apps employees desire. The birth of the newest ERP and CRM is here and you just […]

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CRM Quicktip- Adding Global Search to the Site Map

Global search is one of the best features added to Dynamics CRM, and with the addition of Relevance Search, the ability to find data in Dynamics 365 is even more powerful. However we had a client come to us today with a complaint about how Dynamics CRM for Outlook works with search. See, they were […]

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New Features – Dynamics 365 Data Storage

With the upgrade to Dynamics 365, Microsoft has doubled the basic data storage included with your subscription. Previously, Dynamics CRM Online Subscriptions came with a basic 5 GB that you could use across all instances, including production instances and sandboxes. That 5 GB could be used up pretty quickly and we helped clients to maximize their […]

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Dynamics PDF-Docs> Just Got Better !

Dynamics PDF-Docs is an essential tool for CRM users wishing to generate reports and documents, using CRM Word Templates, and insert data into the document, from fields in CRM records, of entities and related entities. These documents are then automatically PDF and attached to Emails or Notes. The process can also be scheduled, and automatically […]

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Using Microsoft Dynamics 365’s Voice of the Customer to Improve the Customer Experience

Customer Experience: A definition Customer experience (CX) is the interaction between customers and your organization throughout your entire relationship. It is an integral component of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and it is critical because customers who have positive experiences with you are much more likely to remain loyal. Harvard Business Review specializes in researching and […]

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New Features in Dynamics 365: Using PowerApps and Microsoft Flow with CRM

Microsoft Mechanics is a YouTube channel that appeals to power users and developers on Microsoft Products. In this recent video, Luis Camino demonstrates how PowerApps and Microsoft Flow can be used to build custom Line of Business (LOB) apps which integrate Dynamics 365 data and processes with other applications.   Dynamics 365 Enterprise Subscriptions includes […]

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