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Upgrade to Dynamics 365 – Part 2

Previously, we introduced the top 3 questions asked when considering an upgrade to Dynamics 365  (when, licensing, and new features). In conclusion, we identify key items needed for a full upgrade path:   Update Custom Components, Code and Migrate Data An admin or developer may need to update your custom components, to ensure compatibility with the latest release. […]

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Microsoft Flow integrates Dynamics 365 CRM with 83 other webservices

One of the newest services from Microsoft is Flow - a cross application workflow and integration tool very similar to more established services like IFTTT and Zapier. Even though the service has been out of preview only since November 2016 it already integrates more than 80 services, with more coming on each month. January 2017 […]

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Organization Insights allows for a deeper understanding of Dynamics 365 usage

In late December 2016 Microsoft released a new solution for Dynamics 365 called Organization Insights that surfaces a set of kpis that provides administrators with a deep understanding of Dynamics 365 adoption and troubleshooting for potential problems. Among the kpis surfaced include charts that can measure and identify: Active and Inactive users Entities by number of records and storage usage […]

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Getting started with Dynamics 365

If you are ready to make your business more productive and begin its cloud transformation, maybe it's time to a look at Dynamics 365. Whatever the size of your business, Dynamics 365 can be beneficial. Dynamics 365 is the only cloud-based solution that provides what you need for CRM and ERP all in one place. But its not just CRM […]

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Implementing Dynamics 365 at a Small Business – a Blueprint

enCloud9 specializes in working with small to midsized businesses to implement Dynamics 365 in their organization. We shy away from cookie cutter projects and instead work with the client to make Dynamics 365 work with the client's business in the most effective way possible. So even though each project is unique, they all have a certain […]

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CRM Optimization: 5 New Ways To Grow Existing “Customer” Relationships

I began this series on CRM optimization and the evolving needs of our clients by writing about the shift in focus and expectations regarding CRM systems. When an organization changes their mindset from viewing CRM as a tool to seeing it as a performing asset, they see, as many of our clients have, that their […]

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Upgrade to Dynamics 365 – Part 1

With Microsoft’s recent release of Dynamics 365 and more versions to come shortly, many customers are asking about it. Why should you care and what do you need to know? You are required to upgrade to Dynamics 365 if you are on Dynamics CRM Online or Dynamics AX Online, but expect to experience a seamless transition. If […]

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Utiliser des workflows pour optimiser vos processus d’affaires avec Microsoft Dynamics 365

Un des principaux avantages des plateformes Microsoft Dynamics 365 et Microsoft Dynamics CRM est qu’elles peuvent être facilement optimisées pour répondre à vos besoins d’affaires et s’adapter aux processus de votre entreprise. Une façon simple d’améliorer votre productivité est l’utilisation de workflows (flux de travail). Cette fonctionnalité permet de rationaliser vos processus d’affaires et d’améliorer […]

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Using Workflows to Optimize your Business Processes in Microsoft Dynamics 365

One of the major advantages of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM platforms is that they can be easily adapted to fit your business needs and optimized to match your organization’s processes. One simple way to improve productivity is through the use of workflows. This feature makes it easy to streamline your business […]

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How to know when it’s time for a new CRM

What a CRM system should do for your business A good customer relationship management tool can do a lot to make your life easier.  An effective CRM can help manage and analyze customer interactions and data.  A CRM can also help you improve business relationships with customers, thus allowing you to provide excellent customer service. […]

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