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In CRM 2013 Microsoft introduced the Social Pane, also known as Record Wall, that allows CRM users to view and create social posts right on the record. The social pane is located right at the center of the record form, and the user can see posts automatically generated, such as when the record is created. The Social Pane has 2 more tabs for Activities and Notes, making it much easier for users to see and record and the related activities and notes of the record. While the social post can be very important to some users, others can find it irrelevant and wish to hide the Post tab in the Social Pane area.
To hide the Post tab add this JS as new Web Resource. In the form of the entity that you wish to hide the Post tab in the Social Pane, add in Form Onload a call to the function HidePosts().

function HidePosts()
var controlEle=document.getElementById("header_notescontrol");
if(controlEle.children!=null && controlEle.children.length>0)
for(var i=0;i<controlEle.children.length;i++)
var ctrl=controlEle.children[i];
else if(i-1>=0)

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23 thoughts on “Hide Post Tab in Social Pane: Microsoft CRM 2013”

  1. I am always getting "document.getElementById("header_notescontrol")" null value so the .children is failing. Please let me know for any workaround.

  2. Is it possible to add a tab on the social pane and display a custom entity? We have several custom note entities related to accounts 1) Accounting Notes, 2) Daily Notes (oob notes) 3) sign shop notes. We would like to have a tab for each one.

  3. Hi!

    This helped a lot, but now we have a case where we'd like to hide the Posts AND the Activity Tab. We've managed to hide them, but the Activity Tab menu remains as default setting. Any idea how to have Notes only?

    On the Contract Lines form there are only Notes, but we can't figure out why, and we'd like to have it on the other main forms just like it is there. We'd rather use an Activity subgrid instead of the Activity Pane... but we need to have Notes as well.

    Thanks a lot!

    1. KSG_CRM (Kevin)

      You can modify the code so that it hides both posts and activities. I tried that maybe a year ago and it was not hard to do. BUT instead of that method, I found http://www.briteglobal.com/Lists/Posts/Post.aspx?ID=54 which describes a form parameter called "FormPresentation" in a solution's customizations.xml file. If FormPresentation is set to 0, it displays only the Notes section. If it is set to 1 it displays Posts, Activities, and Notes minus the tabs hidden via the code above.

      I'm not certain if this customization is supported or not.

  4. In same manner i have one requirement, We have created some custom activities , all activity data shows in Social Pane , i have requirement to Not show custom activity data in social panel.

    I tried by customizing all activities view and placed filter to activity type Not equal to custom activity.Bit it not working.

    Please can anybody suggest what to do.

    1. Hi,

      I am also having the same requirement in MSCRM 2013(To hide custom activity records in Social Pane i.e:- Activity Pane Area for All filter option). I have changed the view for All Activity Filter Critetia Activity Type doesn't equal customactivityname but we couldn't achieve this.


  5. Hi
    Anyone knows how to show posts in Social Pane in CRM 2015 in a custom entity.

    Entity was set to enable wall for Activity feeds but still the same posts wont display.


    1. I had to execute the following in the console of the debugger to figure out what the control name was, so i could use it in the Xrm.Page.getControl() function

      var section = Xrm.Page.ui.tabs.get('[Your Tab Name]').sections.get('Your Section Name');
      section.controls.forEach(function (control, index) {
      var controlType = control.getControlType();
      console.log(controlType + 'name : ' + control.getName());

      This yielded 2 lookup controls, the 1st named 'quickCreateActivity4210controlId_modifiedby'

      i then used that name,


  6. hi
    do you know of a way to filter the activities tab so it wont show all the activity types.
    i have a custom activity that i don't want to show there.

  7. Hi there,

    Is there a way to remove the collapse event from all the entries. I would like to be able to make selections, and copy data just by using my mouse?

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