You Can Take It With You: How Microsoft Dynamics CRM Makes Your Customizations Portable

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM,, and other leading CRM platforms include a bevy of tools designed to make customization quick and painless, even for non-tech types. These customization capabilities allow simple modifications to forms, new fields to capture business-specific information, specialized reports and filtered views, and more. More advanced customizations include new entities which allow for unlimited extensibility of the CRM system to meet specific business needs, automate processes, and enforce complex business rules.

 A huge advantage of both and Microsoft Dynamics CRM lies in their ability to export these customizations for use in secondary installations. For example, both systems allow custom entities and their related fields to be exported, and subsequently imported, into a test environment. CRM administrators can easily test or pilot new functionality in fully operational environments before turning new features over to the user base. Microsoft Dynamics CRM takes things a step further by allowing export of ALL customizations across a given installation in one shot. This capability is invaluable for backup scenarios, deploying multiple test environments and remote/disconnected locations or business units, etc. This sort of all-in-one customization export is technically possible in but is less than straightforward in practice.

 Not only does Microsoft Dynamics CRM allow your environment to exist in your office (on-premise), in the cloud (online), and with a trusted advisor (partner-hosted), it builds on the concept of portability with easily exportable customizations. You can take it with you!

by Nexuz Tek

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