What is xRM?: How CRM Software Can Track More Than Just “Customers”

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xRM has been getting a lot of hype recently, but many still do not understand exactly what it is.   Or maybe you have not heard the term until now?  Either way, to help make it simple, xRM takes CRM (which has historically helped automate sales, service and marketing for organizations) one-step further and allows you to track more than just customers.  The "x" replaces the traditional "C”, or customer, value in the CRM acronym to become a variable.  This will allow you to track information and processes around any variable that is important to your business.  This means that while the product name is "CRM", such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it can be used as a development platform to configure an xRM system thus allowing the out-of-the box Microsoft Dynamics CRM application to be more flexible and allowing users to expand the boundaries of the solution. 

Traditionally, CRM systems have related buyers (customers) to purchases (orders), but now in the world of xRM these relationships can become much more complex and unique.  For example, InterDyn – Remington Consulting has experience implementing CRM for the health industry and we know that a General Practitioner’s medical office may have a relationship with their Patient (“patient” is the variable of “x” in this example), who then has a relationship to his/her insurance provider, who then has a relationship to a Dermatologist's medical office, and so on.  In an xRM environment, ALL of these relationships can be managed to whatever level the organization requires.  For this reason, you'll see xRM deployments in the health industry use the CRM application to replace many other internal applications other than just things like Patient Relationship Management systems.

We've seen xRM applications replace EVERY transactional line of business application in an organization with the only exceptions being ERP and collaboration technologies (SharePoint).  Otherwise, anything becomes replaceable with an xRM solution!!!  Let our organization help you discover what “x’s” can be automated and tracked with Microsoft Dynamics CRM/xRM technology today!

By InterDyn – Remington Consulting, Oregon Microsoft Dynamics Gold Certified CRM Partner

2 thoughts on “What is xRM?: How CRM Software Can Track More Than Just “Customers””

  1. Thanks for this easy to understand explanation of xRM - I admit I was not familiar with this new term until recently. (Leave it to Microsoft to create yet another new acronym.) But the idea behind it certainly is powerful so I hope the term really catches on so customers can see the value in it.

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